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Hat-Squad is a group of network and security enthusiasts, working in research and development of new vulnerabilities and exploitation tools. Hat-Squad has been involved in both research and implementation of information security systems since 2001, providing security technology advisory, incident response, penetration testing, security auditing and security policy development to organizations and institutions.


Hat-Squad Advisory: Remote Heap Corruption Vulnerability in Interaction SIP Proxy

Hat-Squad Advisory: VERITAS netbackup 5.1 'TIME_STAMP' Vulnerability

Hat-Squad Advisory: [Hat-Squad] i-Gallery directory traversal

Hat-Squad Releases: Microsoft WINS Vulnerability Scanner (OS/SP) Source Code

Hat-Squad Releases: Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) Remote Heap Overflow Exploit

Hat-Squad Advisory: BakBone NetVault Local Stack Buffer Overflow

Hat-Squad Advisory: BakBone NetVault Remote Heap Buffer Overflow

Hat-Squad Releases: SentinelLM License Service POC Exploit

Hat-Squad Releases: Computer-Associates, License Client Service Exploit

Hat-Squad Releases: BadBlue, Easy File Sharing Remote Overflow Exploit

Hat-Squad Advisory: GFI L.N.S.S 5.0 Insecure Credential Storage

Hat-Squad Releases: 3com 3CDaemon FTP Buffer Overflow POC

Hat-Squad Releases: Findjmp2 Tool

Hat-Squad Releases: VERITAS Backup Exec Remote Exploit

NetCat v1.11 , New fixed version

Hat-Squad Advisory: Remote buffer overflow in Netcat TCP/IP Swiss Army Knife

Hat-Squad Advisory: Remote buffer overflow in MailEnable IMAP service

Hat-Squad Advisory: SQL injection and XSS Vulnerabilities in HELM

Hat-Squad Advisory: Remote Buffer overflow Vulnerability in YahooPOPS

Hat-Squad Advisory: Remote Heap Corruption overflow Vulnerability in MailEnable

Hat-Squad Advisory: Remote buffer overflow in MDaemon Mail Server

Hat-Squad Releases: phpBB v2.06 search_id sql injection exploit

Hat-Squad Advisory: Buffer Overflow in Yahoo messenger Client

Hat-Squad Advisory: WS_FTP Server FTP Command Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

Hat-Squad Advisory: Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability in Yahoo WebSite


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